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In-house development of employee time tracking software

You might be tempted to go in-house and build your own system for employee time tracking. Most industry experts agree that you will waste valuable employee talent in re-creating the time tracking wheel. With tight competition for your business, time tracking developers pack a lot of features in their software for a relatively inexpensive alternative to doing it yourself. There will be updates and upgrades that in-house IT may not have even considered. Many providers even include a software developer's kit for your IT staff to customize their system. Plus if you purchase the software you can be up and running fairly quickly. Picture the meetings and upfront time before you can implement a home grown system. Your IT staff's time is better spent on your core product.

Do examine all the possibilities and get feedback from your key managers before purchasing a software package. Make sure it is a system that will grow with you as you find new ways to manage your employee's time most efficiently.

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