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Product Reviews for Toshiba MD20F52 20" Flat TV/DVD

Toshiba MD20F52 20" Flat TV/DVD
Model No: MD20F52 20" Flat TV/DVD
Manufacturer: Toshiba

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Jul 25, 2007 4:52 pm

Toshiba's 20" flat screen comes with a TV/DVD combo great for a kitchen or playroom for the kids. It has two speakers and a head phone jack. The flat screen is glare free and puts out a great game mode. The DVD player is easy to use and a dual remote comes for the TV and DVD player.

Price Ranges from 250.00 to 300.00

Users claim TV is easy to use and has a great picture. The overall look of the TV was a bit of a con and the Jacks are on the front.

Overall good reviews

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Recommend: Yes

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