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Product Reviews for Samsung TX-R2035 20" DynaFlat CRT

Samsung TX-R2035 20" DynaFlat CRT
Model No: TX-R2035 20" DynaFlat CRT
Manufacturer: Samsung

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Jul 25, 2007 3:52 pm

This 20 " flat screen TV might be just what you are looking for....or not. It comes with a 20" screen and color temp is adjustable. It also comes with a remote and batteries, the screen is anti glare and has all of it controls on the front of the TV. It has video, audio inputs and outputs for your other media equipment.

Price ranges from 299.00 to 350.00

Few users claim a good turn out with this TV. Picture and sound problems were a big deal. Users claim it a hit or miss deal with this TV.
Overall rating average to poor.

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Recommend: No

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