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Product Reviews for Snapper

Model No: 9247, 10287, 11327
Manufacturer: Snapper

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Feb 7, 2005 6:33 pm
Joined: Feb 5, 2005

Engine - Briggs & Stratton OHV
Weight - 9hp-230lbs, 10hp-255lbs, 11hp-265lbs
Clearing width - 9hp-24in, 10hp-28in, 11hp-32in
All three models have 1 gallon fuel tank, 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds, 200 degree chute rotation, operator presence control, free hand control, easy turn, adjustable (and flipable) skid shoes, and an electric starter.

Now getting the stats out of the way on these machines, we can get into the dirt...
We find that the Briggs engine makes this machine quite delightful to use. Having sold the Snappers pervious years with tecumsehs engines we could somewhat make a comparison between the two. The Briggs engine seems quieter and seems to have more torque. We have used the Briggs snow engines as replacements for several years and they don't seem to need as much attention as the Tecumsehs do.
The Easy Turn feature allows you when using the machine to turn to the right by squeezing a trigger located under the left hand grip. It works much the same as a throttle control. When the engine is running it allows the differential to unlock turning the machine to the right. (Don't know what happens if you want to go left.)
The Free Hand feature allows the operator to adjust the chute while continuing to blow snow. With the auger and traction levers depressed you are able to leave go of the auger lever and rotate the chute to where want it.
These machines deserve all the attention they can get. It's simple to use, we have a woman in her 70's using an 11hp - she just loves the thing to death, it moves the snow a good distance, (I've seen it go 40+ feet across the lawn and heard it blowing snow from plow trucks in 3 lanes of traffic), and everybody that has seem one tested has been, "Oh, a snowblower can really do that? My snowblower won't do that at all, no wheres close."
The 9hp is the only one of these 3 that doesn't come with drift cutters or a light.
There have been very few problems with the machines that we have sold. There was the one machine that tried to move bricks, that just bext the augers, didn't even break a shear bolt. The differential also tends to freeze if the machine is left in cold storage area after use, it could freeze with the wheel "locked or unlocked". After the "newness" wears off the machine, it seems to be fine. That pretty much sums up the troubles that we have run into.
But I may be a bit biased - we sell the machines after all.

Date Purchased: dealer
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes
Briggs & Stratton engine
nice snow throw distance
snow hog tires
ease of use
pull cord is easy to use when starting engine
flipable skid shoes

belts sometimes squeak
differential freezes when left in cold

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