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Product Reviews for Toro Power Max 726te

Toro Power Max 726te
Model No: 726te
Manufacturer: Toro

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Avg. Price: $600
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Toro PowerMax 726te
Feb 24, 2010 7:36 pm
Joined: Feb 23, 2009

I purchased one of these machines last year - new old stock. Its a 2005 model, but like I said, otherwise new and unused. I did buy it based on reading reviews on the internet - were it not for those reviews I wouldn't have known that a 2-stroke 2-stage machine was even made. Once I found out it existed, I made it my mission to find one.

Had a chance to run it yesterday for the first time and I've got to say its a fantastically powerful machine. I used a Craftsman Professional 11/32 back-to-back with this unit on the same snow, and the Toro was definitely the more powerful unit. Perhaps the powermax system does more with less, but I know for a fact the R*Tek is a very powerful motor.

I'm super impressed with the unit - about the only quibble I have with it is the drive/auger levers. I'd rather they were reversed, or the quick stick was moved to the right side of the console. Its almost like it was designed for lefties :)

Date Purchased: March 2009
Price Paid: $600
Recommend: Yes
Abundant Power from the 2 stroke engine
Little to no maintenance as a result of the 2 stroke
Efficient Powermax design
Long throwing distance
Doesn't bog in very deep, very heavy snow (3 feet or more)
Unit is very well balanced
Its a 2 stroke!

Control for the chute feels like it is on the wrong side

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