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Product Reviews for 13 HP*/45" Heavy-Duty Two-Stage

13 HP*/45" Heavy-Duty Two-Stage
Model No: 31ae9p3i801
Manufacturer: MTD

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Avg. Price: $1400
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MTD yardman: Major flaws in design!!
Mar 31, 2007 1:25 am
Joined: Mar 31, 2007

From the day I purchased the unit the wheels would stop driving then start for no reason.(Flaw with design of the vulcanized friction drive wheel system) Once this drive wheel wore out & was replaced the machine would only move at half speed. Most of the time 1st gear never worked. MTD would not rectify the above problems.

Then the motorized worm gear that would turn the chute would fill up with water freeze & not turn. Mtd did send me a new one at no cost but it ended up freezing like the original one.

The top of the chute has a flap that alows you to throw the snow at different distances. This would not stay in place and would have to be controlled constantly.

The Tecumseh Engine surged as though it was starving for fuel. The dealer told me that was normal for Tecumseh engines and there was nothing that could be done.

I paid $1800.00 can & dumped it for $900.00

Date Purchased: Dec 2004
Price Paid: $1400
Recommend: No
Good starting engine.

Other than being a great staring machine I didn't like anything about the machine!

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