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FilterQueen Vacuum - the best on the market?
#1   Sep 19, 2016 1:27 am
I have been hanging out with the FilterQueen Sales reps and here are some of their claims;

The Filterqueen Vacuum is the best on the market for the following reasons;

1. The centrifugal design where the dirt is moved the outside of the vacuum allowing the clean air to move up and through the filter. Where the filter doesn't clog up and allows for continual air flow. Where the filters in most vacuums clog up right away because of the direct air flow across the filter membrane.

2. And all of the other claims found here; Does anyone have any experience with the product and know if this has been tested by outside resources? When I was in their demo, I was amazed at the amount of dirt removed through this product.

Most houses are filty and their vacuum cleaners don't even touch the deeper dirt whereas this cleaner pulled out tons of filth from the carpets, furniture and beds.

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