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Re: DYSON margins
#1   Dec 13, 2012 2:06 pm
30 percent
Re: Need help picking a vacuum cleaner...
#2   Oct 10, 2012 11:11 am
vacmanuk wrote:
Sorry but I don't see correlation to the previous posts for this thread. The Windunnel Air does not have a lot of clogging issues - actually probably down to the user who can't be bothered to maintain their vacuum - but then a lot of other brands and types suffer from the same problem. I rescued a fantastic vintage Hoover cylinder vacuum the other day and all that it required was a lump of dust removed from the hose. I can't believe someone threw it away.

Oh u don't huh, Anjelena said dirt was falling back out of her vacuum, generally that is because the brush bar is sweeping it into the hose but not being sucked into the dirt container, because of a clog, no wonder folks think this site is abrasive, because it is, I'm not just some chump who own's a couple vacuums
Re: Help me decide; Oreck vs. Simplicty/Riccar or other?
#3   Oct 9, 2012 4:29 pm
jkbmmv wrote:
Ok, I haven't exactly read all of the responses, cause this caught my eye and was signing out, but given that I am a vacuum enthusiast and technician, I have worked on Orecks and the riccar/simplicity supralite/freedom and will say that even with the base supralite/freedom, you have better cleaning power than the oreck. The riccar/simplicity vacs use the same motor through out the 5 variants, the only differences are having a switch on the handle or having one on the body, having the multi speed switch, having a wooden brushroll, having a metal brush roll, having a hall sensor (jam detection) and having paper bags or micron filtered bags. The fans and motors are the exact same, so the rsl1 cleans the same as the rsl5 when the rsl5 is on high, the differences are the cloth collection bag vs the paper, the metal brush roll with replaceable strips, the hall sensor and the multi speed switch on the handle.

The riccar/simplicity models handle hair and other debris better than the orecks because the fan has a deeper fin with a tighter curve shape to deflect objects and keep hair from winding up.

I own an oreck commercial XL, an RSL3 and an RSL5... Would take the riccars over the orecks any day...

Someone finally answered the question, Riccars blow Orecks away if U can stand the noise lol, or buy the 2 speed and run on low.
Re: Tristar adapter so you can use generic attachments
#4   Oct 9, 2012 4:24 pm
Correct as far as that goes one of the most durable power heads avail, motors 39 bucks, rollerbrush 34 bucks, never replace whole head
Re: Launch of Electrolux Precision Uprights
#5   Oct 9, 2012 4:20 pm
Lot of issues, for anyone not having the funds to purchase a Sebo, Riccar, or Miele upright a bagged Hoover wind tunnel, Mexico made not china 79-199 can't be beat, 22 years in vac business
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