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Re: The all new Dyson DC26 "Japan"
#1   Oct 9, 2009 6:06 am
These have just been released in Spain priced 399€. We had been mulling over which to buy and saw this yesterday.
SOLD! Why would you want anything else bigger?

Here are the specifications in the same format as the other products on the Dyson site (took me a few Google translations of the Japan site and a UK phonecall to source):

Patented cyclone technology : Root Cyclone™ technology core separator
Delivery : -
Suction power : 165 AW
Movement type : Fixed wheel
Filtration : Lifetime HEPA
Cleaner head : Mini Flat Out™ head
Stair cleaning : Sits on stairs
Bin capacity : 0.65 litres Clear bin™
Tools / accessories :
* Crevice tool
* Stair tool
* Brush tool
Dimensions : 266x320x205mm(HxDxW)
Max. reach : 8.6 metres
Cord length : 5 metres
Weight : 3.22 kg (5.62 kg)

I think that this is all - any corrections welcome. Note that the Japanese site does not contain the Power rating.

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