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Re: Ariens 520
#1   Dec 4, 2005 3:19 pm
Well, you guys wont believe it. I was put in touch with a guy in Glenview (a suburb near Chicago) that was moving. He had an Ariens snowblower he wanted to get rid of. He was not sure what kind it was so when I called him, he went out in his garage and took a look. It was a 5520. Said he bought last winter, used it twice and was selling it because he was purchasing a condo. Needless to say, I was at his home an hour later. We put some fresh gas in and it started in 1 pull!

And the best part, it came with all the documents and I only paid $250!!! He was thinking $220 - $270 range. I still feel guilty!

Thanks for all the advice guys. Now I look forward to contributing to this site as an owner....

Re: Only Honda would build this...
#2   Dec 4, 2005 10:57 am
I have always had a thing for Asian women; but me and the two of them together......WOW!

Some things are Priceless.
Re: Ariens 520
#3   Dec 4, 2005 10:35 am
Thanks guys. We had about 4 inches here in Chicagoland last night so I am out to shovel, or bribe a neighbor to snowblow, my drive! I am defintatly off to the equipment dealer tomorrow. If your MTD 5hp does you well, I may go with the Ariens 5 myself. I was watching my neighbor with HER single stage toro throw quite well. I'd imagine a 2 stage would do even better.

I guess my last concern was if 5hp would be able to power both the 520's auger and discharge effectively?

Ariens 520
#4   Dec 3, 2005 11:28 pm
I have been in the market for a snowblower for the past month or so. Having bought a new home last winter which we completely furnished and remodeled in the last year, my budget for a snowblower is noit a kings ransom. While I have finally convinced my wife that we will not be buying a single stage like the one she grew up with, we were a bit turned off by the price of the big 2 stage models. Going to are equipment dealers, I found that the smaller 2 stages are in the price range we are lookin for. With a smaller drive (50x25) I think I should be OK with a smaller HP. Living in the NW suburbs of Chicago, we can get some good lake effect snow at times however. I have been thinking about the Aries 5520 but have come across a left over, never used 520 at a local Ariens dealer for an even $500. Seems like a great deal.

Question is, while I really want a 7HP and went down to the 5.5 budget wise, I am wondering how capable a 5.0 will be. While everyone on my block owns single stages and I was the only one with a shovel 9 months ago, I have to think that to 5.0 2 stage will perform better that a 5.0 single stage.

Does anybody have any experience with these small 2 stage models?? I realize with a big snow fall I may have to blow twice in storm but with such a small drive, I dont mind.

Great site by the way!
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