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Re: Removing the impeller from a Giant Vac leaf blower with a Briggs 11 hp 1" shaft engine
#1   Nov 13, 2009 5:31 pm
This is probably a dumb question, but could you clarify the pictures included in your post?

The pictures show 5 holes in the "top cap", 2 that appear to be threaded and 3 that are not.

The first two pictures in your post appear to show the bolt inserted through one of the non-threaded holes in the "top cap." If your impeller is like mine, the 3 non-threaded holes in the "top cap" line-up with threaded holes in the actual impeller.

The last picture in your post (the one that shows the impeller loosen from the shaft) shows two bolts that appear to be threaded into the "top cap" to force the impeller off.

Can you clarify if the bolts where threaded into the "top cap," or through the "cap" and into the holes in the actual impeller. Your assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.
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