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1987 TORO 11/32 model 38095 starter issue
#1   Jan 25, 2009 12:29 am
Hi I have a 31 yr old snowblower that is built like a tank.. Several years ago before the forum

changed to Abby's Guide the people on the old forum helped me rebuild the old toro and she has

been doing fine

This year I had to do a carb rebuild and for some reason the starter acted up.

The switch inside the elec start control box broke in the closed position and the rectifier smoked.

I have a new rectifier coming and I am asking if anyone is willing to help me with the wiring?

I need to know about the wiring attaching to the rectifier.

I know i should have made a note of wire placement but?

On my rectifier the lower right corner there is a red dot.

If I remember correctly the upper left connection is the white wire coming from the elect motor cable

The lower right connector is the black wire from the elect motor cable

when I removed the elect motor cable I removed three wire, a white wire and a black wire from the rectifier

and the green wire was the ground for the plug in.

can anyone verify the wiring for me?



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