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Retiring soon - want a SnowBlower that is dependable and will last?
#1   Aug 13, 2009 4:25 pm

1st time snow blower.  Getting on in years and just don't want the work or risk in shoveling anymore.  Only thing I know about Snow blowers is I see guys covered in snow, pushing them in their driveways,

snow flying every where and 3 hours later when I drive back their still at it.   I have a plow for my 600' dirt driveway so no problem.  I need to make 3 separate foot paths app 60' long each around the house to get to shed, wood pile and basement.  S.E. Ma usually several 8" - 12" storms.

Going over fairly level grass terrain. This forum was very helpful and what I have come up with is the following.


I would like to spend under $1,000.  But after reading here getting up to $1300. Want dependability and something that will last 10 years.!!


Ariens ST24 DLE                    Eng  BS  Trq  11.5   $1299.


Simplicity Int                          Eng  BS   Trq    9.0  $1100.


PoulanPro   PR827ES            Eng BS         800cc  $899.


No Craftsman, never had anything last from them.


I would buy the Ariens based on feedback on this site.  Want the Poulan and have read many positive reviews but NO negative which concerns me.


Any advice would be most appreciated.  I want something that I don't have to keep adjusting and will last me for some time.  None of the local dealers have stock ( guess due to the economy for inventory) so

will make a decision based on internet and buy local if I can or net.  AND is this the time to buy or wait 2 months?



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