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Mid sized snowblower for women
#1   Nov 21, 2005 8:53 am
We already own a Boss Truck mounted snowplow for our 1/2 mile steep driveway, a 3 pt PTO snowblower for the drive around the house/barn ( on a amall JD tractor) and a tractor blade for large JD tractor. However, I am uncomfortable operating either tractor in close quarters around our barn. My husband usually does it but often can't get to it before the weekend. So I shovel snow or try to manhandle my wheelbarrows of manure through the snow. I am going to buy a mid-sized snowblower for me to use around the barn, to the manure pile and on the concrete pad in front of the house. Maybe 100' from house to barn on a gravel drive if husband is out of town. We are also on top of a hill in foothills. Picture very steep except for our top of the hill. Our snow can be 2-8" or more sometimes, up to 50" per year. I am considering a Simplicity, Ariens, and Craftsman, all 5.5-7.5 hp. My husband thinks I should just use the tractors, but he wants a Honda if I get one. Also, does everyone use chains on their wheeled snowblowers? I am looking for something easy for me to use and light enough for me to handle. I found the Craftsman in the store to have stiff controls and were okay to handle but somewhat unwieldy. I am going to look at the Ariens and Simplicity today.
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