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Do you know of a small engine junkyard?
#1   Apr 10, 2006 3:58 pm

Someone gave me a Briggs and Stratton two-cylinder engine that they replaced with a long block a few years back.  They said that the engine was smoking when they replaced it.  It did run.  Anyway, the engine is missing the fuel tank, air cleaner assembly from the carb up and the exhaust manifold and muffler.  I want to get these parts and rebuild the engine, but I don't want to pay retail for new parts.  Is there a lawnmower junkyard that would have these parts?

Here are the numbers for the engine:

Model: 303447

Type: 0432-01

Code: 9201174

I already went to the B&S web site and printed out a copy of the owner's manual and the parts list.

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