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Re: Toro Power Clear 210R 38587, 421 Q 38588
#1   Nov 23, 2009 8:28 pm
Thank you ,Borat..

Those are some significant things to think about.

I did ask the sales man if he thought the small machine could tackle the mountains EDS ( are those the correct initials..i am thinking of End of Driveway Snow )?

He said that if we were to chop up the mounds into small chunks that we could safely remove it without problem.

i have been thinking to myself also: "what if there is ice from frozen salted slush." ?
I read that that can cause something to shear...

does not sound good.

We are on a new development area and there are only a few lots with homes on them.. No one has been there for the winter yet..
so we do not know who will have a two stage blower.

i was even thinking maybe we should find a snow plow guy to do this part of it..but some of them ( unless they have good references or are well known for their care) are the pits as far as slicing lawns and making messes.

well , more things to consider,.. thank you.

PPS.. the Toro sales person i spoke to today says that for some reason we should be using MID GRADE GAS in our machines..Something about the regular grade not working well..
anyone heard of that?

Re: Toro Power Clear 210R 38587, 421 Q 38588
#2   Nov 23, 2009 6:44 pm
thank you once again, Super.

yes, i guess they are all about the same weight..

i guess i am thinking of 'off season' or if we have to move it around in tight areas like a storage shed or garage..

more thinking to myself than anything else..

Size is another factor as our storage area is not HUGE..( and already contains a fair amount of machinery, etc.)

which is really one of the reasons i may be considering the power Lite.

it is 18 inches and the others are 21 inches.
not a huge difference, but some difference when you are counting the inches of space.

and thanks again,
Re: Toro Power Clear 210R 38587, 421 Q 38588
#3   Nov 23, 2009 4:22 pm
thank you very much.,SuperbuicK !!

PS.. i asked a question when you gave me some information on another website.
I will also post it here, incase you miss it , thinking i do not need your information..
It is at the bottom of this post..

Your information  is re assuring. I think we will do well with a Toro.

I went to the dealer to look at the machines.

Wow.. 21 inches wide and 80 pounds might be more than we can handle and store.

I guess my 'guesstimator' was rather shy of the true. When i made the original post, i only guessed at the size and weight..

When i saw the machines in the showroom, the Power clear 210 R and 421 Q,...yes, they are HEFTY MACHINES.
And they are selling like hot cakes..Now is one of the times to buy..
Probably end of season would have the best buys, but now is when we will need to deal with it.

i think what you said about the above Toro's is really true, however.. I think they would nicely tackle any smaller or mid sized  job.

I hope this thread will help other people...who are looking for a new snow blower.

Toro also makes some new machines..Not as beefy as the ones mentioned, but slightly less wide (16") and less heavy ( 57 pounds) ..which might be better for us old folks.
PowerLite 38282..

I am sure it is not as efficient as the two i asked about., however, and there are no consumer reviews for them yet.

We have not made a final decision..but  we are still considering ALL the pros and cons.

You said that you have a Powerlite.. How do you like it? or, since it is so new, have you test driven it yet?

Once again, Superbuick, many thanks for your help.Much appreciated.

Toro Power Clear 210R 38587, 421 Q 38588
#4   Nov 23, 2009 12:57 pm
Hello..I think i have read all the other snow blower posts.I could not find the information i was looking for.

Looking for a relatively lightweight, relatively compact snow blower.Not electric..but single stage gas seems like it may be fine for our needs.
please advise, as i have a couple specific questions.

specs and details.( our personal specs)
older operator..needs something easy to use and self propelled and not too heavy or difficult to store.

do not want electric ( tried it..)

am looking at the new Toro Power clear series.
Either the 210R38587or 89..
 421 Q 38588

i cannot find reviews for the power clear which tell me the following information.:
(this is where i need your help)

we have snow falls of about 8-10 inches pretty regularly throughout the winter. I think these above machines will handle that.
*****If anyone has experience with them, advice gratefully will be received.***

MY MAIN QUESTION: can THESE MACHINES also handle snow which the city snow blowers have made into "mountains" at the end of the driveway?
The chutes appear to be about 8 inches tall in these blowers.. at least in the 210R.

We would have to 'run the snow blower straight into the mountain," and let it munch up and chew and blow the snow away from there.

hopefully someone here can help.
many thanks
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