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Re: New Husqvarna Snowblower
#1   Feb 11, 2009 1:12 am
Thanks Marc for the info.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Fred, his family, and friends.
Re: New Husqvarna Snowblower
#2   Feb 10, 2009 1:02 am
jubol wrote:

I have the site for the REPAIR MANUAL!!


I recently purchased the 1130SB-LSb.  We have not had any recent storms to use it yet.  Fred, can you pass along the repair manual.  Thanks.
Re: Cub Cadet 528SWE or TroyBuilt Storm 2840
#3   Jan 27, 2009 1:47 am
Update:  They say that when things break, it comes in  waves of three.  So this weekend my truck needed a new water pump, no big deal its 10 years old, and the first problem I have encountered.  Next, wifes suv needed new front pads, no prob, go to nappa and get some new pad and intall them last night.  This evening,with the threat of a snow strom anticipated to dump 8", so I get excited to use the new Husky.  Go out to the garage, fill the tank with gas, check the oil level, which is at the max on the dip stick, then start it up and let it warm up.  As I walk around the machine admiring my new toy, I notice a wet spot underneath the Husky and it smelled like gas.  So I shut the Husy down.  Looking at the rear, dripping gas is coming out from under neath the carb area.  So I pull out the manual and it says there is an optional fuel shut off valve under the gas tank.....guess its truly an option as mine does not have a fuel shut off valve.  So I siphen out all of the gas, take off the black covers and a slow drip of gas is coming out of the carb butter fly valve.  I checked all of the hoses connecting to the carb (primer hose and a line from the gas tank, and all appears ok, but still dripping gas.  Argh! So my fustration level is rapidly increasing, brand new machine, not used yet, and I'm having problems.  So then I tried to pull the starter cord and it will not budge. Its like its frozen solid.  So I'm not a happy camper at the moment.  Now I have to load it up and take it back to the dealer.  I just don't under stand how this could happen all of a sudden.  I ran it a couple nights ago to make sure everything worked ok and everything checked out.  So if anyone has any ideas or if I should check anything else before I take it back to the dealer, please let me know.  This is a Husqvarna 1130sb-lsb.  Thanks.
Re: Cub Cadet 528SWE or TroyBuilt Storm 2840
#4   Jan 22, 2009 11:13 pm
Just my luck.  I purchase a new piece of equpment (toy according to my wife) and no snow since the purchase or in the  forecast for the next 7 days.  So with no snow, I decided I would drive the blower around holding the scraper off the driveway just to familarize myself with the controls and handling.  I must say upgrading to the "touch and turn" was well worth it.  Not only does it aid in turning the blower while powered up, but when off the machine is very easy to manuever in the garage, as holding down both triggers release both wheels and I can then spin the machine.  Very nice.  The Husq seems to be weighted so that more presure would be on the scraper, but not so much that it hinders moving it around.  The variable speed is very slick.  I can adjust the forward/reverse speed to anysetting/speed and the slowest forward speed appropriate, but until some snow falls I will not be able to tell. However, in the fastest gear you better have your track shoes on!  The 342 cc B&S engine starts very easily and is very quite.  So far this Husq looks like a good choice for my needs, but until it snows, I will not know for sure.
Re: Cub Cadet 528SWE or TroyBuilt Storm 2840
#5   Jan 20, 2009 12:02 am
Thank you all for the invaluable comments and recommendations.  As it turns out, I went to a local dealer today to purchase the Cub Cadet 528 SWE, and they had a Husqvarna 1130SB-LSb that someone ordered and then backout. Dealer offered me 20% off, which brought the price down to within my range.  I hesitated because I did not research this brand/model at all.  The dealer explained some of the better quality features, which I will outline below, so I am hoping I did ok as I purchased this snow thower cold with no research.

B&S OHV 342cc engine, which is 93cc more than the Troy and 37cc more than the Cub Cadet

30" clearance width compared to 28

Augars are thicker gauge and the teeth are design differently than the Troy and Cub, and according to the dealer this is much better.

The augar, impeller shafts are larger as well as the augar gear case

Ths chute is all metal and has all metal componets, except for a rubber flapper at the top.  Also has locking indents to keep the deflector/chute in a locked position

Power turn (which is the feature I really wanted so I could manuver the beast in the garage and for my wife and elderly dad who will occassionally use it.

the augar and drive levers use steel rods instead of cables

Variable speed drive

Drift cutters  (not sure what these are for or how they are used)

shear "bolts" as compared to pins

I could see the difference once the dealer pointed these things out and these quality items seem logical or he upscaled the uninformed consumer.  However, what I really notice is how much heavier this Husqvarna is over the Troy or Cub Cadet.  I could not find a weight in the owners manual, but it has to be 50+lbs heavier.  My dad and I could easily lift the Troy into the back of my pickup, but no way could we lift the Husq out of the pickup.  I think part of this may be the thickness of the metal used for the cage, auger, impeller and body panels.  Even the scraper plate and skid pads look to be  heavier gage metal.

So I hope I did ok.  The build quality seem good, has the trigger "touch and turn" which was an important feature for me, larger engine (92cc worth), and even comes with heated grips. -)

I would be interested in your comments, and hopefully good comments so I don't suffer from buyer's remorse.

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