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Re: Foolish Question
#1   Dec 3, 2005 8:34 pm
Thank you all for your insights and opinions.  All are appreciated.  Sincerely,  R.
Foolish Question
#2   Dec 1, 2005 2:19 pm
Dear All,

The horse is almost out the barn door, but I encourtered your list seeking information on 2-cycle oil, and thought I'd seek an opinion before it's really, really too late. 

Geezer (almost) in NJ with narrow, paved drive and parking pad going down hill next to and behind the house.   Short paved walk from the street in front.  Not huge amounts of snw around here -- three or four 10-12 inch storms in most years, plus a few lesser snowfalls.

I just bought a Toro 2450 (best of class per Consumer Reports) for a bit over $500.  I did see a Yard Machines two-stage snow thrower in Home Dept for just $499.

Am I going to have regrets over the path not taken?


Ridge (in New Joisey, Exit 145)
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