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Re: No Reverse. Help !
#1   Nov 13, 2006 7:07 am
Problem solved.      After having the time to actually look at the issue, I noticed a loose bolt where the gear shifter connects to the frame.  It was the bolt just to the left of the "adjustable bolt".    Anyways, after tightening the bolt both reverse and foward worked like a charm.


No Reverse. Help !
#2   Nov 9, 2006 3:02 pm
I have Craftsman Lawnmower (42"  automatic ) appox. 5 years old.    It had been working just fine until last week, when the mower would not move in reverse, and I don't really think it's moving foward in it's fastest speed.    The gear "lever" moves smoothly between forward, N, and reverse, but the tractor will not move in reverse.       One thing I noticed is that I could pull back on the gear shift (in reverse) and I noticed a little if the shifter is just out of line.    I plan on taking a closer look at this this weekend (along with the manual)...   Should I be looking at a belt, or maybe some sort of linkage, or is the Trans. toast.    Any thoughts ?             thank you.               
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