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Re: Which 2-cycle oil for Toro snow blower.
#1   Nov 21, 2005 9:48 am
I called around some more this weekend and found a small mower shop that had the winter Toro oil so I bought a bunch.  I was afraid of mixing brands and also didn't want to run a summer oil in the winter.  Talking to the owner of the shop he also highly recommend this as well.

Thanks for all the help.

Which 2-cycle oil for Toro snow blower.
#2   Nov 18, 2005 9:40 am

I know this is a stupid question. I have a 2-cycle Mercury outboard in which I run Mercury oil, a Sthil weed trimmer in which I run Sthil oil, and a Lawnboy lawnmower in which I run Lawnboy oil. Again all are 2-cycle. With all the different ratios I just make each its own gas can. Last year it got a Toro 2-cycle snow blower. I used up the oil that came with it but am unable to find the recommend Toro oil in any store. Hence this post.

What is a good quality oil to use with the Toro? Or should I mail order the real Toro oil? Any of the above that I currently use work? I would like something that has a fuel stabilizer. I don't run the same gas across two seasons but one batch will last me the whole winter.  I just have this thing about sticking with what the manufacture wants.




Am I being ridiculous for using all these different oils?

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