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Powerland 24" still running after 4 years - Labor of Love
#1   Apr 14, 2013 8:51 pm
Here is an update from some posts I left several years ago. Still running after 4 seasons. This Powerland snowblower is a labor of love... had to add tubes to both tires in year #2 and then get replacement belts after the originals got eaten up at an inopportune time during a storm. The shoes also were worn out after 3 seasons and needed replaced. With that said, I just summarized (? - is that the inverse of winterize?) this blower today now that winter #4 is winding down and it is still running and throwing snow, despite it's obvious low quality. The big difference between '09 and today is the cost is now 40% more (based on what I saw at some on-line sites I saw that still carry it). All told I've had to "invest" ~ $140 additional in parts and labor over 4 years to keep it going (beyond oil and gas costs). Not sure if that is normal or not. The great news is this Honda clone engine still starts on the first pull, even in sub-zero temperatures (I use Mobil 1 0W-40 synthetic in it). Over 4 years I've got roughly $600 invested in this snowblower... hopefully I can double it's lifespan from here.... but still happy with my purchase decision.
Re: Powerland line of snowblowers?
#2   Dec 18, 2010 9:16 pm
So here it is over a year after I first purchased the Powerland 24" and have used it 10+ times. The Good: The engine is fantastic... in sub 0 F weather it still starts with 1 easy pull after 2 pumps of the prime (and while there is electric start it is more effort to put a power cord in an outlet than give a pull on the engine cord) Following some other guidance, I set the scraper clearance the thickness of a dime, and this machine does a phenomenal job of clearing a path down to the driveway as if it were a 1 stage When the snow is dry,the auger really pumps it out... about 20'... but recently plowed 8" of very very wet heavy snow, but, good news, still tossed it 3' - 5' and did not get all jammed up While this is my first snowblower, so I have no comparison, my personal opinion is it pretty easy to maneuver. The Bad: Literally on the very last pass of last season I pushed the blower into a large pile of very wet, heavy icy snow and the drive belt came off. I called Powerland to complain and they sent me some more free belts. Now that I know how to put the belt on, I think the original may have been installed faulty because it made a much different moaning sound when engaging When I was doing a pre-winter prep a couple weeks back I found one of the tires down and seal broken... and before I found out the trick of using a rope around the circumference and tightening it to get a bead again, I took both tires to the local bike shop to put in tubes so I won't have to worry mid-winter... but it set me back over $80 for parts and labor (I know, I got ripped off) In summary, the unit is all metal, but maybe not the highest quality metal. At least the wheels are not plastic like some of the new hardware store versions. The mechanicals are all pretty basic and serviceable. There is no sign of of rust or wear and looks like I got it a month ago, not a year ago. No oil is consumed. For maintenance, I use Mobil 1 0W-40 and Mobil 1 grease. I put Sta-bil in the gas and just turn off the gas switch and run the engine until the gas burns off in that cavity at the end of the season. Not even a hint of hesitation for start up when the new season began. If there are no belts or tire issues I would be dazzled with this machine relative to it's cost, but a year later am still very happy I made the purchase decision.
Re: Powerland line of snowblowers?
#3   Nov 17, 2009 7:19 pm
Here is the owner's manual with contact info for Powerland snowblowers.
Re: Powerland line of snowblowers?
#4   Nov 16, 2009 7:46 pm
My Powerland 24" 6.5hp snowblower arrived today. I was a little nervous when I saw 2 belts just laying in the box and no air filter in the air filter container. I called Powerland and found out the belts were replacement parts and that snowblowers don't need/use air filters because filters tend to get wet, freeze up and bog down the engine in freezing weather. I have since verified this of most (if not all) snowblowers searching the web. The engine started with one pull and runs smooth and quiet.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the discharge chute was metal and similar to Ariens design vs. the plastic version used on MTD machines (as well as seen in some older Powerland machine photos.. or maybe non-Costco versions) .

However... it was obvious the metal chute attachment got smashed somewhere from the journey from The Far East to my house, causing the base of the attachment to be out of round and an obvious significant ding mark nearby. After applying great pressure (practically standing on it) I was able to round it out enough to fit on the connection however it did not rotate smoothly. I called Powerland again and they offered to mail me a new metal chute and volunteered to throw in extra shear pins for my troubles, obviously all free of charge. I did not have to beg or plead. They even called me back later to give me the tracking number and advised the part would arrive by the end of the week.

Only time will tell whether this machine is durable but it appears solid, runs smooth and quiet and the customer service so far has met, if not exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for the first big snow... hopefully only a few weeks away. Hope this helps.

Also, it appears the manufacture is Chongquing Sanding General Power (based on some web surfing I've done) and uses a 168F engine. They have factories in China, Viet Nam and Cambodia according to their web site. American SD Power is the company name on the box and appears to be a subsidiary of Sanding. To your other question, the balance is pretty good but since this is my first snowblower it is hard for me to compare on it's ability to navigate vs. others.
Re: Powerland line of snowblowers?
#5   Nov 9, 2009 11:00 pm
I'll let you know about the ($549) Powerland snowblower. I recently ordered this unit through Costco and should be receiving it next week. I've spent some time researching and as best I can tell it has the same frame/body as MTD/Troy-bilt/White/Cub Cadet, etc...(without some of the stylish plastic parts found on the more expensive brands I just listed) but Powerland bolted on a Honda clone (196cc) 6.5HP engine vs. the (sometimes) temperamental 179cc Powemore (Tecemseh style Chinese) motors (estimate 5HP) that MTD uses. In fact after I ordered it on-line I saw the same size MTD brand version at the Costco store for $699 (it appears all is the same as the Powerland except for the engine). While I am taking a risk with the Honda clone engine my research suggests most Honda clones perform very well, after all, the original Honda GX200 engine is made in China. I'll put in Mobil 1 0W-40 oil and the engine should hold up fine.
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