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Re: Ariens ST27LE snowblower hub rust
#1   Feb 1, 2012 7:12 pm
Hi Njbenz79

The reason that you see a lot of rust coming out of your axles is because the Anti-Seize coating from the factory is totally washed out. Ariens puts a coat of Anti-Seize grey paste on its axles and on,under and around the keyway before slipping the wheels back on. Every season you should remove your wheels and do this to prevent your axles from seizing with the wheel hub and of course rusting out. Go buy this Anti-Seize at any Auto Parts store. Hope this helps!...By the way, apply some in front of the wheel clip and axles too...Perhaps, you should try removing the rust first before applying the Anti Seize paste....Good luck!

Re: Problems with New Ariens Professional 28 ST28DLE (926038) Quick-Turn Chute system.....
#2   Jan 29, 2012 8:48 pm
Thanks Snowmann...I really appreciate your advice and suggestions...I will have a go at it again with your instructions. Hopefully, I will be able to get it right. If not I will follow your advice and bring it to the dealer and get it adjusted. By the way...what do you think of the idea of installing the crank chute system from the latest Ariens Deluxe model? it feasible to this? Regards, scopes01
Problems with New Ariens Professional 28 ST28DLE (926038) Quick-Turn Chute system.....
#3   Jan 28, 2012 10:22 am
Hi guys...I recently purchased a new Ariens Professional  28 snowblower model ST28DLE (926038). This machine is a real work horse and built like a tank. So far so good with the machine. The new 420 cc Briggs & Stratton engine is very smooth and works real fine. However, the quick turn chute system is starting to become really annoying for me. It moves on its own while blowing snow..especially when its heavy and wet...I have the service manual and tried to adjust it the best way I can...however, in my opinion the complete design is weak. The concept of the design is efficient, but unfortunately the adjustments available are very limited. I am considering buying the Ariens Deluxe crank chute system and replacing it with it. Or perhaps, if there is an update kit available from Ariens that I can use that can work too. The main problem in my opinion, is that the locking arm and the round receiving square teeth gear has too much backlash. Therefore, making this chute very flimsy and easy to unlock while in action. I have tried adjusting it by giving it more tension, but then the locking arm starts touching the gear and doesn't turn freely as it should. Also below there is a kit that is available from Ariens...but I am not quite sure if this upgrade will improve it's performance. Attached below is a picture of the kit. Any sugestions would be very much appreciated...thank you!

Re: Picked up my Pro 28!
#4   Jan 15, 2012 9:05 pm
RedOctobyr wrote:
scopes01, I played with a Pro machine in a store a month or so ago. I was curious how that chute-steering system worked, since you only had to move the lever left/right, but you did not have to, for instance, squeeze anything to unlock it first. If I remember correctly, there was a little locking mechanism underneath the control panel, which was spring-loaded. As you started to push the lever, the spring-loaded lock pulled away, and you could aim the chute. When you stopped applying pressure to the lever, the lock re-engaged. Am I remembering this right? Is the problem that it doesn't really lock back into place, and the chute can rotate on its own, while blowing snow?

It's sort of funny you mention possibly going to the Deluxe method. I actually looked at the Deluxe approach and thought it seemed like a rather non-ergonomic design. You had to kind of lean forward, beyond the control panel, and turn a crank using a little offset section in the middle of the rod. It didn't really strike me as being an improvement over the old method of just having a crank on the control panel, say. But maybe it's at least more secure than the quick-lever on the Pros.

Please don't take any of this the wrong way, they seem like awesome machines (especially with the big engine), and are much more advanced than mine. But it does seem like perhaps the different companies are still working to try and perfect the new-style chute controls.

Hi RedOctobyr...Your exactly right!...this systems works exactly the way you described it in your message above. I have the service repair manual and tried to make adjustments to this system...unfortunately the design limits me and connot optimize it's function. I was kind of made aware of this weaker design...but chose to buy the machine anyway. However, I had already thought of replacing the system with the crank style as used on the Deluxe models...Yes I would have to lean over to crank it...but I was also considering having a longer rod and crank it from the rear as used on older Ariens models. I think that the original idea is good on the Pro Series machine...but Ariens needs to make more adjustment possible to increase the load to the locking mechanism. The other flaw is that there is too much play between the teeth and the lock mechanism. Therefore, making the chute less sturdy while blowing snow. The size/thickness of the teeth on the gear or the mechanism locking piece should be increased a little to lock into each other better. Besides the chute issues...this machine is awesome...I have added the 10 lbs plate option to prevent it from lifting...but I think it could use another 10 lbs to keep it down a bit more...
Re: Picked up my Pro 28!
#5   Jan 15, 2012 7:12 pm
Hi Bus 708

I also have an Ariens 2011-12 Professional 28 with a Briggs & Stratton 420cc motor. I am from Montreal, CANADA and recently we got little over 10" of snow...The snowblower is very agile and easy to manoeuvre...the Hilliard Auto-Lok differential works great and very easy to turn/steer. The motor is very smooth and starts very easily with only one light pull. Overall I am really happy with the machine and don't regret buying it...However, I must say that I am somewhat dissapointed with the way the chute operates...I find the design poor and not quite suited for a commercial grade machine...It is flimsy and doesn't lock in place properly when blowing snow. I went over the service manual and tried to adjust it...but it is what it is..I am considering perhaps in modifying it or install the chute system from the other Ariens models like the Deluxe model...It is a turn crank system from the top and it is rigid and stays in one place. Besides is a very beautiful machine. Haven't considered making a video yet..maybe one day I will...Take care!...scopes01

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