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Name Royce Stewart
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Personal Quote " It is the use of power tools that separates man from animals"
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Re: Hello Winter 2013-2014
#1   Mar 18, 2014 1:51 pm
This has been one of the longest winters in New Brunswick , Canada Starting in early December with very cold temperatures -20 C Then the snow began with storms of 12 inches or more in Dec, Jan , Feb and now March So far, I have used my Husqvarna 27 inch, 1450 Briggs , Hydro Gear Hydrostatic, snowblower 18 times and most of those times were major storms, drifting snow, 3-4 feet at the end of driveway. The snowblower has worked perfectly , but I am glad that most of our storms are over, I hope Royster
Re: Kohler Courage XT-7
#2   Apr 16, 2012 9:52 pm
Adamj19 wrote:

Have you guys or gals have had any problems with the kohler courage xt-7 engines. I recently took my into a repair shop and they diagnosed that it would not start was because of the auto choke, they ordered a part kit for it they had installed it then got a phone call saying what they had diagnosed was wrong and that the sparkplug was threaded wrong out by 1/2 inch. How do I know if they had done this? If they diagnosed the engine would they look at the whole engine for just a specific area. Can you guys please give me some good answers please.

How do you people rate the Kohler XTseries  ( XT7) engines?
Re: Husqvarna Track Drive Snowblower--How Good?
#3   Apr 11, 2012 4:01 pm
Snowmann wrote:

Borat is correct.


Borat did not say that HUsqvarna  was the parent company    , I said that....................

Borat said that Husqvarna was a gussied up Craftsman.

Re: Husqvarna Track Drive Snowblower--How Good?
#4   Mar 26, 2012 10:48 am
borat wrote:
I own a Husqvarna riding mower.  I also own a Craftsman riding mower.  Other than the paint and engines (Kawaski/Honda respectively), they're pretty much identical.   

If you do a bit of research, you'll find that a number of Husqvarna and Craftsman snow blower models built in North America come off the same assembly line.  Paint and doo-dads may differ, but that's about it. 
Park your machine beside a similar Craftsman and look them over.   Let us know how they compare. 

I've owned a couple of Craftsman snow blowers that held up fairly well for ten years with reasonable maintenance.  However, at the end of their lives, they began to develop weld cracking and metal fatigue.  In addition to that, they weren't particularly stellar performers.  The Simplicity that I replaced the Craftsman with is a much better machine all the way around and, the price I paid was close to the same.  

You might find this an interesting read:


Thanks for your reply.  I agree that some  Craftsman snowblowers are nearly identical to some Husqvarna models , no argument  from me. Sears  contracts their purchase of snowblowers to different builders each year, and Husqvarna has been one of  their suppliers  for the last 5-6 years.  Here in Canada , the 2012  Craftsman snowblowers are supplied by Briggs and Stratton (who also manufacture Simplicity snowblowers and John Deere)      and the cheaper Craftsman models are built by MTD.
Re: Husqvarna Track Drive Snowblower--How Good?
#5   Mar 25, 2012 7:09 pm
borat wrote:
Doo-dads and tinsel don't necessarily make a good snow blower.  To claim that a Husqvarna is "one of the best" is a bit of a stretch.  Might be a reasonable value but, in reality, it's pretty much a gussied up Craftsman.   I wouldn't compare it to a Honda nor a Yamaha by any means. 

  A gussied up Craftsman,   what a strange remark  from someone that should know better.  Husqvarna is the Manufacturer , not Craftsman.  

Over the years, some Craftsman models were (are) built by Husqvarna, and some of them  were very similar to comparable models in the Husqvarna line.

Husqvarna has  38 production facilities  around the world  , 3 manufacturing plants in the USA ,  including their US headquarters  in Orangeburg , SC  .

Their head office is in Sweden.

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