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Re: My Ariens 824 doesn't throw far -- what gives?
#1   Feb 10, 2013 9:31 am
In snow like we just had (Blizzard) a good running 8HP 824 should throw 30+ ft.And if the snow is really wet maybe half that.And yes belts slipping can really cause problems.One of the main things is is the motor set to run at max rpm which is 3600? I have found unless your running a tach or the motor has been set up with a tach ? You can very easily be running under that.My 824 was set at 3250 so running at 3600 can make a good sized differance in power.I have a 1968 ariens 6hp and that one also ran about 3200 from the factory.Both machines running at full power are strong  performers for old tech machines.Although i do only run at max rpm when needed and for short periods.The little 6hp did great  in all that snow to and is a original unrebuilt engine and had no problem throwing 20+ feet to the top of the bucket.With both machine most of the time i average around 3100 or 3200 working rpm.Although it nice to no i can run max power when needed.I have found the best think to do is install tachs on both machines.
Re: Aftermarket Carbs
#2   Jan 1, 2013 10:50 pm
True most of the time you can put a kit in the original carb and your all set..I must have had mine apart 4 times and the machine just would not run right with it. I even had the welch plugs out.And i have rebuilt a lot of automotive carbs to.Anyway with the Oregon carb it runs perfect
Re: Aftermarket Carbs
#3   Dec 31, 2012 5:10 pm
I installed a repro carb on my old ariens 824 8hp machine.Its been 2 seasons and its been a great carb.I have tested in down to 5 below zero and its always a 1 or 2 pull start..The motor performs excellent with the carb.You can also buy rebuild kits or what have you for the repro carbs.I would not think twice about buying one again
Re: Analog dial tachometer
#4   Feb 18, 2012 11:38 pm
For use on a snow blower i do not find the lag to be a big deal.I know i have my max rpm set at 3600.If i run in 12 inches of snow for a few feet i am going to know my sag rpm.Than from there its easy to know what would be the most rpm you can manage under that load.If anything the tach will give you a good idea what condition a engine is in.A lot of the older 4 strokes if i remember correctly made there max torque at around 2800 rpm.
Re: Cheap Tachometer Hour Meter 2-4 Stroke Small Engine Spark Purchase from eBay
#5   Mar 6, 2011 12:56 pm
Thats great Dave now we know the ground is needed to make the tach work correctly.Did it take you long to update it with the ground wire? It also can be seen the batterys can be replaced with a little effort of removeing glue.Although i would not be surprised if there is some type of set up procedure if battery power is lost.?

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