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Re: Engaging reverse gears on Toro Power Shift 824
#1   Jan 20, 2006 9:05 am
My comment is for the chute rotation. I have a different machine but the chute movement was a problem for me. My chute control is a rod below the handle which is supported by a metal bracket. I inserted a small split grommet around the control rod in the hole in the bracket. This slightly increases the effort to turn the rod crank but keeps the chute in place.
Re: Realized that my 926LE only runs on small amount of power
#2   Jan 3, 2006 1:24 pm
Just a note about the impeller kit. I also installed the kit on a 10 hp MTD machine and have experienced a large increase in the throw distance. I live in MA and today had very heavy wet snow fall(35 degrees and still it snows). I had approx. 3/8" clearance between the impeller and housing and did not expect the throw distance to increase this amount. It is a bargain. I also have a 33 year old 6 hp Simplicity which has the impeller located on a shaft behind the auger but in the same orientation as the auger so that the impeller takes the speed of the snow from the auger and increases the speed through the discharge. There are also rubber paddles on the impeller and have found the old Simplicity still produces a throw distance not yet equalled by the new machine. The Simplicity is also built like a tank.
Simplicity 6 HP 1970's era
#3   Nov 21, 2005 9:08 pm
Some thoughts about an old tank of a machine. I still have this old Simplicity which was assembled by my dad and myself in the early '70's. In approximately 35 years of use only the carb, scraper bar, skids and belts have been replaced. It has no rust and still throws all types of snow further than a 10 HP MTD I also own. The MTD quality is not in the same league. The old Simplicity had a great impeller design which was behind the auger but rotated in the same front to back direction. The impeller still has the original rubber paddle attachments. The speed of the snow through the impeller increases the velocity coming off the auger and I often must lower the shoot to keep from throwing the snow clear across the street. The Simplicity is about 14 inches longer and much heavier somewhat due to the heavy steel construction. Last summer I added the rubber paddle extensions (from a Canadian Co.)to my MTD and will compare the two when snow finally arrives in MA.
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