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Ariens ST824 (924082) Anyone else have issues with the engine ingesting snow?
#1   Feb 15, 2013 11:12 am
With last week's blizzard in the Northeast, I finally had a real test for my recently restored blower.  Granted the gas was old (with stabilizer) but it started promptly and ran strong.  Blew the snow farther than I ever could have hoped -- into my neighbors driveway at least 30 feet away.  However, with the snow so deep and the wind really whipping up the snow, I found if I was facing the wrong direction or blowing into the wind, the snow would land on the heater box and melt.  The steam created would then be suck into the engine and complain for a bit until I dropped the RPMs and allow it to recover.  At first I thought it was leaning out under heavy load and I enrichened the mixture a bit.  But when I made a second pass in the opposite direction I had no issues.

Can anything be done about this?  Is something else going on? 


More snow tomorrow?
Re: Republican and Democrat SS Snowblower Models
#2   Feb 15, 2012 8:17 pm
The Democrat snowblower is borrowed from his neighbor but is not allowed to use it because the nanny state doesn't trust anyone can use it without causing injury. Also, you're not allowed to utter the word snowblower because it offends lovers of snow. Furthermore, the Dem would outlaw internal combustion snowblowers and require others to buy electric which are 4 times the cost and don't run during power failures. The Republican snowblower is actually a guy hired to plow his driveway because he is too busy working to pay taxes to clear his own driveway. Alternatively, he owns one from the Reagan era, old and delapitated, needing a restoration...a return to principles, if you will. The Independent snowblower is efficient and affordable and just right for that person, be it a SS, two-stage, hybrid or a shovel for his kids (to teach them a good work ethic).
Re: Any harm to lower ratio of gas:oil ratio?
#3   Feb 2, 2012 11:29 pm
FullThrottle wrote:
What i do is when I mix gas put a piece of tape on the can telling what it is and what date you did it.

I like that idea with the tape. I have a dedicated gas can for the 2-cycle mix and I label it as such "2-cycle mix only".  I usually put the oil in right before I add the gas so that I know it is ready to go when I need it.  In this case I was filling the tank of the snow blower and the fuel color didn't look right to me; I could not remember adding oil.  That and the oil I had was still in a sealed, unopened bottle.

Anyway, the tape idea with the date and ratio is foolproof, provided you update the label every time you fill it.
Re: Nice Day for a snow clearing video - in HD
#4   Jan 27, 2012 4:58 pm
borat wrote:
You cannot imagine how much damage and disease high deer concentrations can cause.   We never had ticks in our area when the deer numbers were reasonable.  Now, you'll be infested with them if you take even a brief a walk into the woods any time after April.  Lyme disease is also on the rise due to deer ticks becoming more common.    

I know how you feel.  Same here.  This was from 2005 on a pond in my backyard.  There are actually 13 of them total, some outside of the shot.  (sorry this is way off topic).
Re: Nice Day for a snow clearing video - in HD
#5   Jan 27, 2012 12:04 am
Nice video.  Nice machines.  Nice neighborhood.  Are those Sasquatch tracks I see on your neighbor's lawn across the street?
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