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Re: Craftsman Snow Blower 536.887990, made 11/2002, how to adjust skids and scraper???
#1   Jan 28, 2015 10:56 pm
Find a flat area to park the blower.
Lift up the blower housing and place two pennies under the scraper.
One on each side.
Loosen the nuts holding the side skids to the blower housing.
Push the skids down so that they are in contact with the ground.
Hold them in that position and tighten the nuts.
Or you can forget about the pennies and let the scraper run right along the ground.
If you don't a real flat place to park the blower.
You can also just park it on a piece of 3/4" playwood.
Just make sure that the entire blower is on the plywood not just the blower housing.
Re: Ariens Modified & Repowered 1032 (pics)
#2   Jan 27, 2015 10:42 pm

Thank you all, for all the nice comments.  I do appreciate it.
It's still going strong, but think I'm going to need a
new Friction wheel before long.
Put on a new, no name aftermarket one not to long ago. 
But it hasn't held up, it appears.
I'm just about out of adjustment.
Re: Ariens Modified & Repowered 1032 (pics)
#3   Jan 24, 2015 11:12 pm
tbe55 wrote:
I have chances to get a older ST1032 for $250 or a relatively newer old ST1236 for $400. For either one, I probably will swap the stock engine with a 13hp harbor freight engine and do other modification as you did. Do you have any recommendation for which one to take? Thanks. html

I have the newer style in a 32"
So I would probably lean towards the newer style 1236.
Especially if the older style 1032 has the older chute design.
I think $400 is a pretty good price.
That 36" is going to be a beast.
Let us know which one you decide to get.

Re: Ariens Modified & Repowered 1032 (pics)
#4   Jan 18, 2015 1:22 pm
tbe55 wrote:
Thank you for sharing your fantastic work! I am thinking about getting one of this machine or a ST1236 to clear snow on our neighborhood pond for the kids to skate on. I would like to be able to throw the snow as far as possible so that I can get the work done in a single run. I've heard that the big machines throw snow better when more snow are fed into the auger house. What is your experience with your machine on shallow snow? Can it throw 1-2 inch snow far? You mentioned that you replaced the auger flank bushing with bearings. What is the part you used? Thanks

Thanks you, and your welcome.
Most blowers will throw their furthest when they have an adequate amount of snow being fed to the impeller
But too much and they can get lugged down.
With a 2 stage that has multiple forward speeds. You can offset the problem
with having only a couple of inches by traveling faster with the blower.
You also have to run the engine at full throttle to get the farthest throw.
Here is a video of my blower throwing about five inches using fifth gear.
Ariens 1332

I used "Flange bearings" you can find them on ebay or other places.
Mine look like this.
Flange bearing

Re: Honda GX390
#5   Dec 17, 2014 9:45 pm
It's definitely starving for fuel.
When you cleaned the tank did you pull the filter out of the bottom and clean it?
You might try flowing the fuel line from the tank to the carb and make sure that
it doesn't have any areas that look like it might be a little crushed.
When you say new carb. do you mean brand new or new to you?

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