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Re: Kubota Lawn Tractors...
#1   Aug 15, 2005 9:04 pm
HI Dave,

Not  sure if the bcs snowblower is what I want or not.I have a big kubota tractor , the m5400 with a bucket  but I can't put a blower on it as it won't go slow enough for our big storms up here in Maine.I tried one but it wouldn't work,had to keep riding the clutch which is  no good for sure.The m5400 doesn't have creeper gears and no kit for them.I am looking into the self powered blowers that go on pickup trucks instead of a snowplow also .I have about 450' of drive way and a parking area, it would be nice to have a blower to get all the snow blown out of the way.I may end up buying a smaller hydrostatic drive tractor and put a blower on it if I don't buy a blower for the bcs.It takes me a good 2 or 3 hrs. to clean up all the snow with the kubota using the bucket .I have lots of room to blow the snow.I had a plow truck but the snow banks get to high to fast and I end up pushing them back  with the tractor anyways,a blower seems to be the best alternative.


Re: Kubota Lawn Tractors...
#2   Aug 13, 2005 4:52 pm
Dave ,thanks for the info on the bcs snow blower attachment,much appreciated.


Any bcs tractor owners out there, I have a question
#3   Aug 7, 2005 9:41 am
I just bought a used 830 bcs with a tiller and would like to know  if any of you have any experience with the snow blower attachment for it.I live in Maine so I have to deal with lots of snow here and we have a gravel driveway also.I was thinking about the two stage blower they now have for it .I have never seen it as we don't have a dealer for bcs in my area.I would like to know  how well they work and how rugged they are.



Re: Kubota Lawn Tractors...
#4   Aug 5, 2005 1:22 pm
Hi Dave,

Not to get off the subject but I read your great review on the bcs tractor.I just purchased a used 830 with a tiller but was wondering how rugged the snow blower is as I live in Maine and get lots of snow here.I read one post somewhere a guy said the auger was very cheaply made and was destroyed just by hitting a small rock in his driveway.I have a long gravel driveway and would like to use the bcs to take of it  this winter .Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated before I go out and buy one as I have yet to see one.

Thanks ,


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