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Input on a new Snowblower
#1   Mar 6, 2013 10:03 pm
I would like to get some input on a new snowblower  for home use. I have a 20 x 50 ft drive with and 10 deg incline halfway up that goes level, and 100 ft of walk. Maneuverability is an issue, since I have to  blow snow between cars. I have limited storage space too.  My area gets about 25 inches of snow per year,  but sometimes we get a dump of a foot of wet snow.

The Ariens Compact 24  920014   and  Sno-tek 24 920402 are on my short list.  Others I should consider? Are the upgrades for the steel chute, cast iron gear box and Briggs Ariens orange models worth it in this price point? How about the Briggs 250 cc and dual belt auger  on the Ariens 24  921031 which is a step up in $$? LCT snow engine reliability and parts availability?

I am concerned about some of the  poor online reviews of the Ariens Compact 24  920014 that cite problems with Briggs engine, carb and friction disk.  It is surprising the Sno-tek reviews seem to  have much fewer problems.  As many of you may know , it is the similar to the Compact 24  with the LCT engine and without above upgrades..

Re: LCT Engine Reliability
#2   Oct 21, 2011 11:22 am
I see this post is a few months old, but I am the same boat as bus708. I am looking for input on the LCT also, since  I am considering an Ariens compact 24 and Sno-tek which comes with a B&S 205 cc  and  a LCT 208 cc respectively.  I also would have preferred the Ariens Comp 22 with the Subaru.  I have a pressure washer with a Subaru EX21 7 HP and it is a great running, high quality engine. 

I have read good and bad about both LCT and B&S engines.  The LCT has a cast iron cylinder liner ,crank ball bearings, runs smooth and has good power,  but has had some carburetor problems.  The carb looks to be redesigned on the newest version, but I don't know if it fixes the problems.  The Briggs has more proven history, but I have heard some may be failing after 30-50 hrs and look to be lower quality now that they are made in China.   Any other input on LCT and/or Brigg engines from those with experience would be appreciated.
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