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simplicity 1170e impeller wont turn
#1   Feb 16, 2010 8:13 pm
have a simplicity 1170e snowthrower...about 6 years old.  used it last week with no issues.  tried to run it today and the impeller just doesnt seem to want to turn.  engine bogged down badly (almost stalled) when auger engaged, and the belt smoked.  after shutting it down, tried turning impeller by hand (which i have done before).  it would turn maybe 1/8 turn and get locked up.  any thoughts?
simplicity 1170e wont start
#2   Dec 4, 2005 11:27 am
i have a simplicity 1170e that has seen just 2 winters.  this morning i tried to use it for the first time this season, and it wiil not even try to start.  i prepped it last season according to the manufacturers instructions: drained the fuel, changed the oil, little oil in the cylinder (and i sowly cranked a few times, etc), new spark plug.  this morning the key was installed, choke set, throttle to fast, fresh fuel, and i primed it as required.  when the manual pull start got me nowhere (which has always worked, even on very cold days), i went to the electric start which also proved useless.

i verified that i am getting fuel flow to the carb (pulled the fuel line off at the carb and fuel flowed freely) .  i verified that the primer bulb and its line are unblocked (removed hose and visiually inspected).  i verified that the fuel tank vent is clear (visually and by checking fuel flow was unchanged out of the fuel line with and without the gas cap installed).  i verified that i am getting a spark at the plug.  i squirted a bit of starting fluid into the carb and the engine started and ran for a second or two until the ether had burned it seems as though it is in running condition (which i would expect).  there has been absolutely no change in its desire to start; it doesnt even sputter and belch like it is trying to start.  it simply spins up.

it is not bitterly cold is in the 20's.  so, i am lost as to what to try next...i have never experienced such a problem before.  any suggestions would be appreciated!
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