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Re: Blizzard on Long Island NY!
#1   Feb 13, 2006 4:19 pm
hirschallan wrote:

So your saying to adjust it so it travels further to the larger part of the reverse side and if you indeed do that are you also reducing your forward speed a bit?

Just a thought but I'm wondering if that's so. Please advise.

Even if this is the case, I could loose a little forward goes faster than it can gobble when the snow is deep.

Thanks all, will look into making this adjustment ASAP!
Re: Blizzard on Long Island NY!
#2   Feb 12, 2006 9:46 pm
Well the new machine got LOTS of use today! I put it to the test with lots of EOD heavy wet stuff. At least 10 houses and they were all done twice. We got aprox 15 inches of snow but with 50 MPH winds, we had some deeeep drifts!

Powerful and really will throw snow 40 feet!
Seeing your neighbors struggle with lesser machines!!!!
I like being able to take both hands off the machine and it still runs. (My old Ariens had a safety lever)
The tires provide extreme traction (see below for the other side)
Engine starts on first pull as long as you use the choke
That little shovel thing is great. I used it at least 3 times.

Reverse is so slow that it is useless! So I had the push down on the bars and pull it back. (I now have a killer backache!)
The tires have so much grip that it makes turning hard. I prefer Ariens old is not like I ever got stuck with em!
My right wrist/hand is tired from squeezing the auger lever.

Over all
9 out of 10
Blizzard on Long Island NY!
#3   Feb 11, 2006 7:35 pm
Well finally I will get to try out my new snow blower I bought last year! It is already to go...adjusted, waxed up, snow shooter applied, and 93 octane in the tank

OK Mother Nature...let's see what ya got!
Re: "Ariens really cheapend their product to get it into Home Depo" Any truth to this?
#4   Dec 25, 2005 10:12 pm
nibbler wrote:
I wonder if you could get a serious discount by offering to take a "defective" machine off their hands?

Nope! I worked for Home Depot as a district manager and there are NO deals for employees or customers for the most part. The only time they will discount (and spray with orange paint!!!) is with a return that the customers says is in good working order.
Re: "Ariens really cheapend their product to get it into Home Depo" Any truth to this?
#5   Dec 24, 2005 1:22 pm
2muchtime wrote:
I have an old ariens 24" 5hp that I was tired of working on. I was all set to buy an Ariens 11hp, went to the Home Depot the day after a storm, and they were sold out.  My daughter and I looked around the store and finally, out in the garden department we saw 12 of the 11hp models.  Evry single one of them (two still in the original boxes) were marked defective for return.

After seeing this I decided, thanks to a great post on this site, to buy a new engine for my old war horse.  I ordered the 7.5hp Intek from for $222 (free shipping). They sent me an 8hp for some reason but after drilling 4 new holes in the deck to mount the engine, putting some gas in and pulling the cord it started right up. Now all I need to do is move the chute control linkage and I have a really great snow blower :)

From what I've read, if your worried about quality, the Hondas seem to be very well built and well liked, although they are pricey.

I think you may have missed something... The problem is not with ARIENS but with the place that they are purchased from. You see, at Home Depot, they sell the machines built for a mere $15 more, so most if not ALL people have Home Depot set their machines up. Now the customer takes it home and something goes wrong from the assembly. Home Depot has such a great return they just take it back and give the customer a new one. These "bad" machines are now sent back to the vender....and it is those machines that you saw at the back of the store.
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