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Re: standby generator reliability
#1   Feb 9, 2013 11:58 pm
Check out $#%*mins Onan closely.  They're a huge company in the generator business with a very good reputation.  I have a 5.5 KW gasoline driven version purchased from Costco and it has been great.  I run it (excercise it) every few months although they recommend every month.  Change the oil once a year.  They have parts and service in key cities nationwide. I've had this gen for six years and last year I had to use it for the first time and it was great.  We were the only residence in the area with power.  We live on a main street and got a lot of questions when we were the only house with lights at night.  Our "ordeal" lasted for two days yet it seemed like it never happened.  I highly recommend ownership of a generator.  The simple run-and-maintainence requirements are worth the benefits when suddenly you need it!  My family actually forgot that the area was without power.

There are several affluent towns in Massachusetts who rely on well water (electric pumps).  They lose power and their backyards behind bushes become their bathrooms (latrines).  Some people I know rely on local hotel rooms for which the price would pay for a gen set.

Re: Snapper 1226 or 1428 ?
#2   Jan 11, 2009 11:47 pm
Krank: if everyone had your attitude on how to live their lives, they would live to 120 +.  Looks like electric transmission wires in Borat's neighborhood are underground.  Smart.
Re: New guy question
#3   Dec 31, 2008 11:51 pm
My suggestion is that you select one with at least ten-plus horsepower.  You'll appreciate the power in wet snow.  I have 11.5 hp and it is challenged in heavy wet snow.  Honda is expensive, yet Briggs & Stratton is great for less money. 
Re: Craftsman Snowthrower Model 88115, 11.5 hp won't start
#4   Dec 31, 2008 11:37 pm
Here's a brief update from last season's drama with Sears Service and my new machine.  All is well.  Starts on the first pull, runs extremely well and is very powerful!  We got eight inches today in Massachusetts, blowing snow (powder), temp nine degrees and winds gusting to 35 kts. 
Re: 2 snow throwers, ONE has to be returned?
#5   Dec 31, 2008 11:29 pm
Clay:  Your former Sears machine (14.50 torque Model# 1450, 305cc ) is rated somewhere between 9 & 11 horsepower.  For some marketing reason, Sears does not advertise the hp on your former model.  Your machine replaced the Craftsman 11.5 horsepower model #917.881150 which is 342cc (20.85 cubic inch).  This B & S engine is actually rated at up to 13 horsepower.  I have one and had a horrific time with Sears Service last year!  Sears extended my "extended warranty" for an additional year at no charge as a good will gesture.  My machine now runs extremely well, is highly powerful and starts on the first pull.  (Sounds like a Pratt & Whitney radial) I also have the Classic Cab attached.  Great combination!
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