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Re: Ariens hydro pro track vrs Honda 28 in track blower
#1   Feb 3, 2016 9:46 pm
We just got over a foot of snow last night. I started with my Honda HS520 but the EOD was a bit too much. So I had to get my HS928WAS out to take care of EOD. It started without any issue and cleaned up the EOD. I have to agree, turning is not too easy especially trying to park inside the garage after the workout. But it is a great snow blower and I would not buy anything else.
Re: New single stage snowblowers for the US market ! Go RED buckets.
#2   Feb 11, 2015 6:46 pm
aa335 wrote:
Not sure which part you heard, but I still like snow and cold weather.    The only time I want to move to a warmer state is during the coldest month of January.  I'm complaining a little bit since the east coast is hogging all the snow.  Can you guys share a foot or two?  I don't need it all at once, about 10 inches weekly would be nice.

I might have to drive across the borders to bring home a Yamaha just to spite Honda.  :)  It will be the first blue OPE in my collection. 

Are you going to Toronto to buy the BLUE beast? London, ONT perhaps? It is a beautiful drive from Chicago to ONT.
Re: New single stage snowblowers for the US market ! Go RED buckets.
#3   Feb 10, 2015 6:44 pm
aa335 wrote:
Thanks for the info on the available models.  Looks like Honda had a few teething issues with the first year out with these models.  The Snow Director is just the worst I've ever tried, does not belong on this machine.  It requires too much effort to move, does not have enough fine notches to aim the chute.  The remote deflector is a a nice convenience, but it is also too heavy and grabby to operate.  Single stage are about finesse and lightweight, but I have to say that this new model is chunky and heavy, and requires slam bam grunt to operate.  I don't know who designed this model, but it would be good to study the competition to see why Toro 721QZE is just a better well thought out machine.

The snowblower looks serious and expensive.  It's only aestheric.  However, in my opinion, it doesn't need to looks so big.  My Honda 2 stage snowblower s small for a 32 inch model.  The new 20 inch HS720 is just porky.  This snowblower should have been an evolution of the HS621, not to the watered down HS520.

One last rant.  Honda is really slow to respond to changes, but why can't the US market get the electric chute models that are on the Canadian 2 stage snowblowers.   Aren't these snowblowers made in North America for US consumption?  Or do we have to yell in Japanese for someone in Corporate Honda to listen?  Hey, I would like those cool features that Japan and Canada gets.

OK off my soapbox. 

I hear you. How about moving to Southern FL or Southern CA? I heard no or limited snow in those areas.
Re: Honda Snow Thrower Model HS521A Auger Assembly
#4   Dec 27, 2014 12:39 pm
jrtrebor wrote:


Wow! $260+$10 for a new auger assembly. I used to have a very soft spot for HS621. However, the rubbers on HS520 wear out so fast on my concrete driveway only after two seasons so I am glad I did not chase down a HS621. Changing rubbers on HS621 (similar to HS35) is not as easy as HS520. I am sure HS621 will last 20-30 years but there are so many gooder and newer SS models out there to choose from.
Re: Engine oil turned to coffee with cream.
#5   Nov 18, 2014 10:24 pm
I would replace the spark plug after the second drain and fill.
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