Abby's Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment (Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Chain Saws and more)
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Points and Rank

Every user is assigned points based on the number of topics, replies, and reviews each has posted. This is based on each user's total posts, usually regardless of whether or not those posts are still available online. There are slightly different weights depending on the type of post:
1 discussion post = 1 point
1 review = 15 points
Each user is also assigned a rank based on his/her points. Rank is little more than a graphical representation of the user's points. There are several levels in the rank:
25 points
50 points
100 points
200 points
400 points
600 points
800 points
1000 points
2000 points
3000 points
4000 points
5000 points


If you're having trouble using the site or find a user has posted something inappropriate, you can contact a moderator to resolve the issue. Moderators are users who can perform extra administrative tasks, like locking discussion topics, deleting posts, and editing user profiles. They can also help you with technical issues in general.

Moderators are indicated with a badge icon:

There are different types of moderators:
Limited Moderator is simply limited to particular sections on
Unlimited Moderator can moderate the entire site
Administrator has even more controls than a typical moderator
You can determine the specific type of a particular moderator by viewing his/her profile page. Next to the badge icon on that page will be on of the labels listed above.
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