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Toro 828LXE

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Toro vs Craftsman
Original Message   Jan 14, 2005 10:52 am
Here are the facts I can find:









(all taxes, extended warranties included)


2 yrs

5 yrs

(both in-home / in-home pickup)

CR rated

# 1

# 4


Free wheel steering





8 hp

9 hp


Wheel Size

15 “

16 “



Everything else (clearing path, etc) seem equal.  Normally I would jump on the Toro, based on its superior rating, not only for this model, but for many of their other models that have consistently done well in CR ratings.  The only caveat is, in a big storm (15” or more) does anyone think the extra 1 hp of the Craftsman will make a difference.  Two people I work with have Ariens (hard to believe I don’t disclose everything about my life in one post so this fact might shock some people).  One loves his 8.5hp Ariens and says it is more than adequate even in 15” storms, the other disagreed and traded in the 8.5 hp Ariens for an 11hp Ariens.  The “end of the driveway” was the argument for the latter co-worker getting a bigger machine.  Both co-workers say their wives could not use their Ariens due to handling is difficult (especially getting it out and in the garage where the pavement is dry).  So for me, the Ariens is not a product I want to consider.


I’m curious as to your opinions specifically about the hp between the Toro and the Craftsman.  Is it necessary to get a bigger machine (I live in upstate NY, but not in Syracuse or Buffalo – near Albany, where we get about 60” year in total snowfall). 

This message was modified Jan 14, 2005 by SnowRemover

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Re: Toro vs Craftsman
Reply #29   Jan 14, 2005 10:01 pm
Quote: Hey Lint, what about the machines the dealers start up to test it before delivery as part of inspecting it?

That's why I think it is a better idea for SnowRemover too buy from the bigbox.....That way he can be sure that the product comes in a sealed box...right from the factory.  (Making sure that the shipping bands havent been tampered with.)
Trust me....I know how these crooked dealers operate...They have dealer network that operates between Canada and the States. Because Canada's winter starts in mid-July, the Canadian dealers have all of these "returned" units stock-piled too the rafters.
There is a "window" before the first snows hit down here that they can send these ragged-out, defective units, down too Cuba, where all of the defects are cleverly hidden by cuban prisoners. (They really know thier stuff.)
From there.....they are shipped too Bolivia and then back up too the dealers in the States....where they are then re-sold too unsuspecting American consumers..
It's a nasty buisness...I know. But it just goes too show how far these kind of people will go too cheat the unsuspecting customer. Ya gotta watch em!

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Re: Toro vs Craftsman
Reply #30   Jan 15, 2005 9:14 am
Marshall wrote:
Personally, I subscribe to the buy more heavy duty than I need theory because my equipment always lasts and doesn't get worn out in a few years. I try to keep in mind that not everyone wants to buy like I do and that price is a huge factor as well. In general, we try to recommend the best machine possible for your needs and pocketbook!

Hey Marshall,

Glad you wrote that post, I think it really needed to be said.  As for the above quote, that's probably the most true statement of all.  Perhaps we all would love that Honda 924 in our garage, but how many could really afford it? The Sears Craftsman line has a smart way of marketing their snowblowers, give a large name brand engine, usually OHV, at a relatively low price compared to Honda, Simplicity, and Toro, and you make easy sales.  I've seen their snowblowers in the past offered with 9hp engines, for something like $600.00.


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Re: Toro vs Craftsman
Reply #31   Jan 15, 2005 10:22 am
Nice post Marshall !

Why not add it to your "Snowblower Questions, please read before posting. TY" post ?

Opps... should be post.... not posy ! LOL...

This message was modified Jan 15, 2005 by Dave___in___CT

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Re: Toro vs Craftsman
Reply #32   Jan 15, 2005 1:29 pm
Thanks Richie.

Thanks Dave, that's a good idea. 

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Re: Toro vs Craftsman
Reply #33   Jan 16, 2005 1:40 am
You could look at this another way - You get to buy a new machine every couple of years instead of being "stuck" with it for 30+ years... Buying NEW OPE is cool & assures a new toy for one to play with...


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