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Help on Ariens model 932101
Original Message   Jan 23, 2006 8:44 pm
Maybe someone can help me.  I have an Ariens snowblower (yes, bought at Home Depot!) that isn't working right, and I can't figure out what is wrong.  The auger turns ok, but it doesn't throw the snow very far.  I checked the belts, and they appear fine; no visible wear.  When first starting, I can't go but a few feet without the snow packing in the shoot.  After about 5 or 10 minutes letting the auger spin, I can clear the snow, but have to go very slowly.  If we have  a deep snowfall, it won't cut it.  I have been looking for troubleshooting for the Ariens, and can't find any. 

From what I can see, there are two belts, one for the auger and one for the wheels.   Both look fine, with no wear.   There is mention of a friction disk in the user manual.  Does this drive the impeller?

Any help would be appreiated. 

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Re: Help on Ariens model 932101
Reply #1   Jan 23, 2006 8:54 pm
do you have the throttle all the way up?

if so do the belt adjustments in the manual.

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Re: Help on Ariens model 932101
Reply #2   Jan 23, 2006 9:00 pm
Thanks for the help ... I will try the adjustments.

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Re: Help on Ariens model 932101
Reply #3   Jan 24, 2006 4:56 am
Make sure your idler pulley is centered and it's putting lots of tension on the drive belt. That was one of the problems I had with mine,.

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Re: Help on Ariens model 932101
Reply #4   Jan 24, 2006 7:53 am
As the other guys have said, this does sound like a clutch/brake belt adjustment issue. The 15 minute run-in described in your manual is supposed to be done to break in the belt so that the proper adjustments can be made. The manual is pretty clear on how to adjust it. Involves measuring the sping attached to the cable  in the engaged and unengaged position; then moving the idler pulley in to get the proper difference between the two measurements. I use a long twist tie to hold the handle in the engaged position so I have both hands free to measure the stretched spring.

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Re: Help on Ariens model 932101
Reply #5   Jan 24, 2006 10:27 am
Two things I have cought myself on when not paying proper attention:

1. Did I put the choke in the "Run" position;
2. Is the throttle in the run condition.

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Re: Help on Ariens model 932101
Reply #6   Dec 15, 2007 10:19 pm

Ok heads up to all you Ariens 824 932101 owners Purchased from the Home Depot or other Ariens dealers . The Important thing here is 824 932101. Let me tell you about my experience not unlike what you are experiencing  and others as well I am sure. I purchased this product brand spanking new from the Home Depot in December of 2000 In MA for $ 999.00 total of $1050.00 with tax..

This machine never worked right from day one. Would not throw the snow. You would have to stop or run it very slow. To all of you wanna be mechanics with a quick fix please take a chill and let me finish before you offer your solutions. Plus they will not fix the problem. Took it to an Ariens Dealer in Natick MA that i do not recommend. The unit was 2 weeks old and they charged me 85 bucks and it was under warranty. They adjusted the machine and installed a new auger belt. Nothing else said. I called Ariens corporate nice woman took care of the problem and got my money returned to me with her corp appologies.

So guess what? You got it, the machine starts doing the same thing. At this point I am bulls$%*. Being mechanically inclined I take the cover off of the auger and adjust the pully to put more tension on the belt throws like a charm. A few other adjustment. Then as the season goes on it starts throwing snow less. You have to slow the machine down. Stop it let the auger catch up to speed to throw the snow.  New belt. Calls to home depot no satisfaction. Calls to Ariens same woman but I asked her the following., Miss do you make a lower grade Snowblower for the Home Depot? Her response was NO we make them with all the same internal components. PLEASE keep this prior underlined sentence in mind for later it is very important.

So I keep fixing it adjusting and have been fed up. 2 more years go by more calls to ariens and the depot no satisfaction. In the interim I also own a MTD 8 horse same motor that is on the Ariens that is 12 years older and tt works like a charm. I use it at my mothers house 2 miles away. Never Stops working blows the snow and ia considerably faster than this Ariens.

Around 2006 I phoned an Ariens dealer and he told me to call Ariens with my model Number the dealer new what was up. I Called Ariens now please keep in mind that almost 6 years has passed. I ask the question of recalls or anything pertaining to the 824=932101 SHAZZZAM wanga Bango. Ariens Tech " Sir there is a problem with that machine we have a gear reduction kit that will replace the problems that you are having with your machine, please give me all your information and I will put you in the computer this will repaired by Ariens free of charge at any Ariens Dealer"  WOW after 5 years somebody tells me they had a problem with the machine.

The unit gets the GEAR REDUCTION KIT. Sounds kinda funky..Like sorry your new car had the wrong transmission for the engine we are gonna reduce the ratios so instead of you going 60MPH you can only go 30 MPH max. That is esentially what the gear reduction did. Changed the ratio of the drive gears to compensate for the horspower of the engine which intern kill the auger as well. Major DEFECT and we where all hosed by Ariens and The HomeDepot.

The gear reduction has slowed my machine down in 5th gear to more than half. The Unit is throwing snow porly at best. The machine churps/Belt which is adjustment again the cycle just continues.

More calls to Ariens now this one gets great the other day. The womans Name is Joy In Consumer Tech. Tell her the story she admits there was a problem but the unit is so old and plus the gear reduction should have taken care of the problem. Take care of the problem for Who Ariens. Not me. And then she ads you know there is more moisture in the Air  in the east coast where you are located and the effects the machines. I almost lost it on her. So I think we all know where I am coming from. I also met with the NORTHEAST Ariens Rep..Accidentally I might add. I walked into my Dealer that has done the repairs and this guy cam over to me and asked if  he could help me. This gets really good. Yes I say. Have you repaired the problems with these damn friction disks. Not knowing he is a rep. He answers there are no problems with the friction drive. I chuckle. Then I say. hmmm I had a gear reduction kit put in mine.. He answers oh yes you must have the 824 932101 and purchased it from the home depot. My reaction put it this way it was one of those kodak moments. Then he continues after I push the conversation. Well you know the depot wants so many of these machines at a pricepoint we cut some corners when we made this machine. Plus the snow in the east has more moister in it. Hmmm I wonder if the 16 year old MTD knows about moisture that exceeds the dependability of this Ariens that was defective from the manufacture the day it left the plant.


What bothers me, how many consumers purchased this unit that had now clue that it was defect or just plan gave up and either bought a new one or a different make.

In closing all interested parties I am going to pursue a class action suit against The Home Depot and Areins over this mater. If you have this machine please contact me at the below email for particulars in the subject line please Enter; RE 932101

Thank you all.


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Re: Help on Ariens model 932101
Reply #7   Nov 11, 2008 7:51 pm
Here's a totally opposite review on this site from 2005:
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