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Street motorcycles

"Street bikes" are any motorized bikes that can legally travel on public roads. Although regulations differ from state to state, basically lights, brakes for one or two wheels, and a rearview mirror are required. Then add on signals, speedometer and even a passenger seat in some states. Even though you might get your bike registered, there are some other criteria that distinguish a street bike from some of its counterparts. Off road bikes are designed to haul over dirt paths and tracks with a transmission geared for low speeds. With the special tires the ride can be bumpy at slow speeds, definitely unsafe at highway limits. So the street bike caveat is that it is designed for riding in the streets, and its accompanying equipment such as suspension, muffler and tires make it unsafe in other applications.

Included in this category:

Touring bikes — built with comfort and storage in mind, these bikes are for traveling longer distances
Sport Bikes — sliding toward race bike
Sports Touring Bikes — high tech like a sports bike, comfy like a touring bike
Cruisers — think all day in the saddle
Choppers — we're talking stripped down and pretty custom designed by the owner
Custom — the oxymoron "factory custom" describes this trendy chromed two seater
Standard — this is the commuter bike that can travel on differing road surfaces with a variety of engine power
Harley Davidsons — not the highest of technology but the loner James Dean image carries its own cache

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