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Mini Stereo Systems

You want to listen to your CD's, the radio, and even your oldies cassettes. But the thought of a boom box (aka micro system) has you picturing teens with oversized jeans parading down the street. However, you can't see yourself with a high tech, high priced component system either and you don't have the space for it anyway. It might be time to look at an audio mini system.

A mini system is a shelf sized integrated music system that can play mini disks, CD's, has a dual cassette deck and incorporates an AM/FM tuner and an amplifier with an equalizer to manage minor adjustments. Think of a breadbox as most systems measure 12 inches wide and 14 inches high. With detachable speakers (unlike a micro system) these affordable systems produce a sound that approaches hifi quality. Just hook the speakers to the receiver and place them around your room, plug the receiver in to the wall outlet and you are good to go. Everything is integrated.

Popular Products
1. Philips MCM240/37 Micro
2. Sony CMT-NEZ30 Audio Micro
3. JVC UX-G50 240-Watt CD Microsystem
4. Philips MC145 Micro
5. Sony CMT-EH10
6. Sony MHC-EC55
7. Sharp CDMPX880
8. Onkyo CS-325
9. Panasonic SC-VK470
10. RCA RS2664
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