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Upgrade Your Homeowners Insurance

First thing to do on New Year’s Day while you are watching the Rose Bowl Parade might be to read your homeowner’s insurance policy.  You may be paying more than you should at a non competitive rate.

First start by assessing what is covered in your policy and then compare that with other policy options. If you have an insurance broker, he/she can help you. Although a better rate is important, you might want to compare the service that goes along with the policy. Some of these services include broker attention and also waiting time for reimbursements. 

Grab your video camera you got for Christmas and start making a record of your belongings. Then store the tape in a fireproof security box. Got some big ticket items? Keep the receipts right next to the video tape. You want to be prepared in 2007 for any eventuality. A little extra work up front can save you big headaches if disaster strikes.

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