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Product Reviews for OPPO DV-970HD Up-Converting Universal

OPPO DV-970HD Up-Converting Universal
Model No: DV-970HD Up-Converting Universal
Manufacturer: OPPO

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Aug 13, 2007 5:02 pm

This player up converts all your DVDs to HD. That means very clear picture and great sound.Official DivX Certified product,which means it will play all DivX movies, it can also play JPEG movies and any burnt CD. It come with excellent audio performance with Dolby Digital, DTS, Coaxial and Optical digital output. If you are looking for as close to HD as you can get this is your player.

Price ranges from 149.99 to 199.99 at online stores.

Users claim you can not get a better picture with any other player. Great sound output and very reliable claims users. Some users has issues but the pros greatly outweighed the cons.

Great reviews.

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Recommend: Yes

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