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Donating Cars - Who Qualifies as a Legitimate Charity?

The IRS has established a listing of charities that do qualify. You can go to and search Publication 78 for a worthy recipient or for the charity you originally had in mind. The IRS annually updates this list and it can be found in your local library as well as online.

If you want to call to make sure, the number for checking tax exempt status is 1-877-829-5500. Before you call, get the exact name of your charity and its headquarters address. If your organization is a local church, synagogue or temple, your donations are automatically tax deductible

Further narrow your search by choosing a charity that is in line with your sympathies. You'll feel much better, however much you receive in tax deductions. Make sure they will come and tow your car if it is not in running condition. You don't want to pay more for towing than you will receive in benefit from the sale.

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