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Product Reviews for Canon PowerShot SD630 6MP Digital Elph

Canon PowerShot SD630 6MP Digital Elph
Model No: PowerShot SD630
Manufacturer: Canon

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Jul 23, 2007 1:51 pm

This ultra thin ultra stylish Canon is quite the looker. It has a 3" LCD screen and is one of the smaller cameras canon makes.It has multiple shooting modes and is great for pictures on the go.It can take full motion movies clips for up to 1 minute.You can darken shades on the camera settings and adjust red eye.It comes with battery's, usb and av cables,and the software for you computer.

Price ranges from 227.00 to 399.00 at online stores.

Users love the huge LCD screen and how sleek and small the camera is. Positive feed back on the different shooting modes. The one common con claimed by users was there is no battery meter so you dont know you are gonna run out of juice until you do.


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Recommend: Yes

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