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Re: you all are scaring me about snowblowers
#1   Dec 3, 2005 6:57 am
As with Lint, I keep up with the snow, so I am usually doing 4-6 inches because I like snow, and being in it. 

My 3650 handles that very well (aka- no trouble at all).  I do 12" EOD pretty well too.  Standard 12" depth isn't any problem, and an incline of 1-3/4" per foot isn't any trouble.  My driveway is 2200 square feet. 

The portability of the machine is great. Lower maintenance is also good.  My trimmer uses 50:1 oil, as does my 3650, so "mixing" isn't a problem, I always have it on hand anyway.  (The labor involved with mixing 1 gallon of gas is far less than replacing augers and gear housings)

My .02

Re: Craftsman 9 HP snowthrower
#2   Nov 14, 2005 4:56 am
Thanks Lint!
Re: Craftsman 9 HP snowthrower
#3   Nov 13, 2005 6:37 am
A guy explained how he did it on another forum.  I know his had an AC voltage coming from his engine.  He also got a light at one of the box stores (I believe).  I do remember that it was a 12 volt AC light that he used.

The job turned out looking real nice;  you can't even tell it was aftermarket.  I don't know if it is possible on a Craftsman or not.


Re: Toro 2450 vs Toro 3650
#4   Nov 8, 2005 5:36 am
I haven't used the 2450, although I have a 3650 and love it.  I personaly like the chute crank.  I have also heard of 1 persons sticking, althoughh nobody elses.

I wanted the extra power, although never using a 2450, I don't know if I needed it.

They are both great machines.  I posted a review on mine on another site.

Good luck with whatever you decide.  Toro does make great blowers.


Re: Which single stage thrower - Toro CCR3650 or Ariens 722-938018?? Others?
#5   Sep 7, 2005 9:52 pm
I have a 3650 and love it.  I got the electric start but haven't used it, so for the extra 100 bucks you probably don't need it.  It goes up an incline of 1-3/4 inches per foot without a problem.  My driveway is about 2200 square feet.  It can do a 12 inch snow, bogs a little if real wet, but I like being "out there" during a nice snow, and it can clear 6" in about 10-15 minutes.

I would definately check to see where you can get your blower serviced locally, regardless of the brand you choose.  Dealers by me charge the same as the "big boxes", so I would support them, as they will fix it when it needs it; whereas the boxes won't.

I hope this helps.

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