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Coffee machine maintence

If your multi purpose espresso cappuccino latte caffeinator isn’t performing up to par, you might consider taking it to the cleaners…your sink. It seems you really should wash the coffeemakers and their parts fairly regularly to get rid of bacteria and mold.

The better you take care of your pot, the better your coffee is going to taste. Why spend big bucks on premium blends and then mess it up with the detritus left in your machine and pot. So here’s a cheap but effective way to clean your coffeemaker.

Get some white vinegar at the grocery store. Add two tablespoons of the vinegar to twelve cups of cold water and pour the mixture through the coffeemaker. Then turn it on and let it cycle through to the end. Turn off the machine and let it cool. Check your machine and see if you can see any coffee residue. If you can, then do it again. Then run only water through the coffeemaker to avoid the smell of vinegar, and then run only water through once again if necessary. Don’t forget to wash the carafe and filter as well with warm soapy water. Rinse and you’re done.

Then grind some beans, and perk yourself a tasty brew…you deserve it.

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