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Dryer Cycling Options

The temptation may be to think that the more cycling options the better. However, all you really need is a timed and an auto cycle as well as consideration of a few types of fabric (for the delicates, the jeans or the permanent press). If you have severe allergies to dust mites, you may prefer an anti-bacterial option that will do away with the pesky troublemakers in your sheets. Jazzier options such as touch pads may look nice but they don't really enhance the actual drying efficiency and are more prone to repair issues than the rotary dial.

The latest trend seems to be "drying centers" that do more than just give your clothes a tumble. These centers have heated drawers that can speed dry the clothes you normally air dry on a hanger or over the shower door, eliminate odors and cut down on wrinkling. The price tag can be well over $1,000 and may not justify the less messy laundry room or bathroom.

Other items to look for include a drum light (helpful when the dryer is located in the darker basement), door size and location (a large door will make loading and unloading less difficult, a pull down door will allow easy stacking of clothes), and a drying rack (keeping the items stationary while the dryer drum rotates — a plus if you are doing a lot of sneaker wash).

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