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Product Reviews for General Electric WPDH8800

General Electric WPDH8800
Model No: 8800 series
Manufacturer: General Electric

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Avg. Price: $1200
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Decent high tech front loader
Oct 27, 2009 1:40 am
Joined: Jul 26, 2007

A front load washer offering a lot of high technology and some surprising gaffes. You can set machine to launder specific stains, and it can send wash info to its companion dryer. It washes decently, can spin dry very well but only if it can balance its load.
Some cycles such as sanitize take over 2 hours.

Date Purchased: 10/15/09
Price Paid: $1200
Recommend: Yes
Easy to select cycles
can spin dry at very high speeds
uses little energy or water
can send cycle information to matching dryer
does good job washing and rinsing.

will not warn you of or spin dry unbalanced loads
can vibrate a lot during spin dry cycles
dispensers can leak liquid detergent into drum
seal drains plug easily, difficult to clean.
Extra rinse washes out fabric softener.
door plastic scratches easily
drain line filter requires large tray to collect water during cleaning

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