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Product Reviews for Miele UNI-Q usa version

Miele UNI-Q usa version
Model No: 8990
Manufacturer: Miele

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Avg. Price: $799
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Miele's most expensive canister yet
Mar 4, 2014 10:56 pm
Joined: Jul 26, 2007

Miele upped the ante with the Uni-Q 8990 by introducing skeleton construction, auto suction control, chrome trim, and underbody LED park lights, adding the 236 powerbrush accessory. Noise's lower than any other Miele vac. Suction/airflow remain excellent, though airflow is less than the older Miele Blue Moon. Casters on USA model do little to ease canister over bumps (overseas Uni_Q's get floating " Powerdrive" casters). LED underbody lights help users find park slots in dark closets. New velvet bumper strip reduces wall marking. However, at $1499 list price this vac's only for those who want Miele's bells and whistles - it offers no better suction nor pickup over Miele's less costly Marlin or other S8 vacs.

FYI, the "dynamic casters" found on the Alize will also fit the UniQ or newer Brilliant models.
The new casters will let the UniQ travel more smoothly over wood floors.

Date Purchased: 02/2014
Price Paid: $799
Recommend: Yes
very low vacuum motor noise,
excellent suction,
auto operation simplifies setting floor suction,
handle-mount speed controls simplifies operation,
unique design of dust bag improves capacity,
excellent filtration and dust capacity

very expensive compared to other Mieles,
very short crevice tool,
handle-mount speed controls limits extensions,
no blower capabilities,
power head brush not user replaceable,
basic castors give rough ride on some floors,
auto mode sometimes miscalculates suction,
less airflow than the discontinued Blue Moon.

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