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Product Reviews for Windtunnel Anniv. Bagged Canister

Windtunnel Anniv. Bagged Canister
Model No: S3670
Manufacturer: HOOVER

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A HOOVER is Not a Miele, But is Still a Performer
Jun 11, 2011 4:29 am
Joined: Dec 1, 2004

At first glance, many would think this sharp-looking machine was a Miele. Or, many would say that this vacuum cleaner was copied from Miele. Many would be wrong on both accounts, because it is not made by Miele and a copy is exact. What the makers probably did was design a machine with similarities. This is not new to the world, because it has been done through the ages. The positive side, or advantage, is that you can get something you like at a cheaper price. You will be getting something you like in this HOOVER Anniversary Windtunnel canister with power nozzle.

The HOOVER S3670 is not a loner in the vacuum world. Like many brands and models today, it can be found under other nameplates like TTI’s other brand, Royal. Of course, the Royal version is priced a few hundred more and comes with a new generation of power nozzle. This Chinese-made vacuum can be found in the UK as the Swan, in Germany as Dirt Devil and in Australia as Wertheim. Now, in other countries, they will have some differences like the motor and different power nozzle or lack of one. I am sure that after this review, more brands will pop up, bearing a different nameplate.

The S3670 uses a decent length 25’ cord and a nice length(7’) hose to get the cleaning job done with less reaching. I found the hose handle very comfortable to grasp onto. The handle is designed so that the user has multiple places to hold onto. There is a handy switch, on the handle, to shut off the power nozzle. Not only can you shut the nozzle off for cleaning floors, but you can quickly shut the nozzle off if you find a stray sock has become lodged. This is important, because the HOOVER designed power nozzle uses a flat belt. If the flat belt is stretch, the motor will continue to turn the shaft; causing the belt to burn.

Eventhough this power nozzle uses the less desired flat belt, which will need to be changed regularly, it is still a very good performer. It does a very good job of getting the deep down dirt out of carpeting better than most, because of its more aggressive brushroll bristles. If you are one who finds youself vacuuming down a dark hallway, this power nozzle’s headlight will light the way.

Another feature is the quick-releasing wand on the power nozzle. It is a lot easier to release the wand and use another attachment, compared to releasing the cord from the wands and releasing the wand from the power nozzle. The S3670 uses an aluminum telescoping wand with integrated cord. The liteweight wand is easy to hold and use, especially for those hard to get spots over your head.

Moving around to get at those hard to reach spots can be easy, because of the four swiveling wheels. This means that the vacuum not only can be pushed backwards or pulled forwards, it can also be pushed to either side. So that is four directions. A canister with two large wheels in the back, plus a small swiveling wheel in the front is more limited. A possible drawback to the swiveling wheels is that they are smaller and can make pulling the machine alittle bit harder compared to pulling a canister with two larger back wheels. I have not found any problem, but some might.

This Windtunnel filters very well, because it can use the synthetic cloth-like bags and uses a final HEPA filter. The bags can be on the expensive side @$5.00 per bag for genuine, but the filter is inexpensive. On a positive note, these “cloth-like” bags will hold a lot more than regular bags.

When turning the machine of, you will find that it is more on the quieter side. It also has lights to indicate which power level, of four, it is set at. So, if you have some delicate vacuuming to do, just lower the motor speed by pushing an easily accessible button on top of the machine.

If you are one who does a lot of above-the-floor vacuuming, you may develop a distaste for some of the attachment. The wall/floor brush is great. The mini turbo brush is “so-so”. This one, and others that are similar, just do not clean as well as a mini power nozzle or the Rug Rat mini turbo brush. The cheap mini turbo brushes found on this vacuum and other vacuum cleaners, just do not have the strength to do heavier cleaning. They are fine for the family sofa, if it does not get bogged down and stop. The nylon bristled dusting brush is very stiff, so it may be harder on delicate surfaces. What I would suggest is to go out and purchase a separate better-quality dusting brush like those sold with Simplicity and Riccar vacuum cleaners. That 3-in-1 tool has really soft bristles. A dusting brush from Kenmore/Panasonic would work also, as well as older Electrolux(Aerus).

This HOOVER canister comes with a 3yr. warranty, which may make it a more attractive deal compared to a Sears Kenmore. The Kenmore could have a longer warranty, but you will have to purchase the extended warranty. The Windtunnel has been advertised from between $250 and $299. I have seen the vacuum cleaner advertised for a lot less sometimes, so one needs to be patient and diligent in their search.

If money is an issue and you need a good vacuum cleaner that will clean and filter very well, this is one machine that will work for you.

Review by Mike W.

Date Purchased: 2011
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes
Very good cleaning performance
Filters well
Decent warranty
Relatively quiet

Some attachments lacking
Expensive HEPA "cloth-like" bags

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