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Product Reviews for Sebo D4 Premium

Sebo D4 Premium
Model No: D4
Manufacturer: Sebo

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Avg. Price: $989
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Sebo D4 Premium
Oct 27, 2010 8:55 pm
Joined: Feb 8, 2008

I am impressed with this vacuum. I bought the black model with the ET-1 power nozzle. I agree with the other review for the D2 Total. That was a well written review and there is no way I could write a better review. I believe the differences between the two are Turbo nozzle vs Power Nozzle and Electric hose with fingertip controls. Same bags and filters. The D4 has a power button which has rotating lights around the dial. The faster they move the higher the suction power. You may shut it off with the controls on the hose handle. This would be similar to the stand by mode that Miele uses. To turn the machine completely off you must push the on off button on the machine. The filter bag is huge and as easy to change as an electrolux bag. The motor filter serves two purposes. The first obviously is to keep dust from the motor and the second serves as the rubber gasket seal for the bag compartment. How clever is that? When you replace it you also get a new seal for the bag compartment automatically. The cord length is extemely generous. I only have to plug it into one plug for my Single Story home. Rewinding is similar to a Miele.

Date Purchased: 10/2010
Price Paid: $989
Recommend: Yes
Excellent power nozzle with 4 settings. 4 being the highest and 1 being for bare floors or if you want aggressive brushing action for your carpet. Power nozzle lays flat to the floor to vacuum under low clearance furniture, such as beds.Very low noise level with this vacuum, you could vacuum anytime in an apartment or condo and not have the neighbors here it.

I wish Sebo would use a matte finish instead of high gloss for their finishes. This would keep you from marking up the vacuum with the hose or even during the shipping phase. We all know how rough UPS is in handling vacuums among other things.

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