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Product Reviews for Garry Vacuum

Garry Vacuum
Model No: GL100
Manufacturer: Garry Vacuum, LLC

(Based on 2 reviews)
Avg. Price: $269
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Garry Vacuum
Feb 26, 2010 11:41 am
Joined: Feb 26, 2010

We bought vacuum end of Nov. & have probably used it 15 times. I broke a light bulb & was vacuuming fragments of glass & it started making a loud noise & started smoking. Called company for refund but they wanted to send me a new vacuum, but I had to pay to ship old one back.They do not stand behind product. It's a piece of garbage. DON'T BUY THIS VACUUM!!!!

Date Purchased: 11/27/09
Price Paid: $338
Recommend: No

sub standard manufacturing
lousy customer service
extremely noisy

Garry Vacuum
Feb 4, 2010 4:09 pm
Joined: Feb 4, 2010

I've had my Garry vacuum for 4 months and the impeller in the motor busted. The customer service person told me it would cost me $100 in shipping fees to send it back and get another one "at no charge!".

The other "option" he gave me was to just buy another one. Yeah, right! As easily as this one busted, I think not! Why do we have to pay any shipping fee when it is their cheaply made product that broke so easily???

They really have a good scam going! If you have one and it still runs, I suggest you put some kind of wire mesh screen in front of the motor in case you pick up something other than just dust, so your cheap plastic impeller doesn't break also!

Also, they charge you $9.99 shipping for your "free" bags.

Don't waste your money!

Date Purchased: Sept. 30, 2009
Price Paid: $199
Recommend: No
The impeller should not be made of plastic. It should have a mesh screen protecting the motor/impeller. They should not charge $100 shipping to send it back and replace it if it breaks!

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